Is wife intrested?

My wife and I have been together for 2 yrs now. I am 32 and she's 30. She was a virgin before we met.
In the last few months she wasnt intrested in sex arguing she tired from work and college. It got frustrating to a point where I had to speak to her and try and spice up things. I brought her a 8inch vibrating dildo which was much thicker then mine. Initially she denied liking it saying it hurt as the ridges on the toy were too painful. One morning to my surprise she said she loved the toy better then mine and I believed her judging my her moans and the way she had cum. (Never see her cum so much). She cums 2-3 times on a good day but not always. Later on in the day when I pressed her about liking the toy better she said gave it a good thought & feels that she likes me better and feels good when I am inside her. Frustrated by the questions she eventually got rid of the toy. She said the toy feels good for a few minutes but then hurts and also that the size was scary. A couple of weeks went by during which sex life got slightly better. Last night upon asking she agreed to watch porn.We saw a few bbc movies and also a couple of cuckold movies that turned her on as she started playing with herself vigorously. ( I asked her about cuckolding before and she has always mantained she doesnt like te thought of it as she is happy with me). After watching the movies she admitted that she has been so wet and that she was "curious"about big dicks if they would hurt alot. She said these dicks were a little (no a lot) bigger then my average 7". She told me before going to bed that she wanted to do it again next day. I turned around & went to bed I noticed that she had her hands by her vagina which is abnormal. I asked her in the morning if she would consider having sex with another man, she flat out denied saying it was never going to happen.
My question is she interested in something on the side /getting some already? Is she fantasizing cuck or bbc ? Please share your thoughts.


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nock, your lady just has a lot of inexperience, it seems to me. I mean, here she is 30, and she was a virgin just 2 years ago. She's still getting use to enjoying orgasms. She's lived in a protective environment all her life; just be patient with her, and try to make every sexual event pleasurable, then she'll keep wanting to experience more.

wow ... a virgin in her late 20's? Unheard of here, that's for sure.
If you want a virgin, here, you got to go to the 5th grade and look for the ugly girls. :)
I think your wife is just enjoying different sexual experiences. My advice would be to keep things at a fantasy level for a little while longer before you start mentioning cuckolding and your wife trying black for real
So since my last post, wife has ruled out use of any toys and got rid of them. She also says she has no intrest in other men. However, she says she's not curious about the toys but is willing it try it one more time to see if it hurts since I have pushed her about it. It seems like we went 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards!! Aaargh!!