is this wrong?


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I work with this really cute girl, who has the most amazing figure possible, she is slim but still has a pretty good pair of tits and perfect ass.

The thing is her boyfriend is a dick to her, and I have been the person she goes to and tells when he is being knobish. Recently she has also had a runin the managers at work, and I ended up waiting around for her and comforting her walking home. The next day I went round and we had a drink and she sat on my lap and started kissing me, I said we shouldn't do it but I'm regretting it. Her boyfriend is moving over to Manchester soon, so I need to decide quickly if I want something to happen.

Plus, I think she would look absolutely amazing being fucked by bbc.

What should I do? Make a move on her and hope she will fuck me and a bbc and dispense with knobby knobbison.