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Is this too....far out


Real Person
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The mother teachers her 21+ aged college girls how to be BBC whores, despite what the father/husband has said?
This is another ridiculous thread posted by a man who has a crazy fantasy of a mother actually "teaching" her daughter to have sex with black men.....complete nonsense and stupidity. No real mother I know would ever involve her daughter in a sexual situation and get her involved in her own personal sex life, regardless of what the mother may do. Please grow up and come up with a better fantasy than this.
More stupid, please make it stop. No college age young woman wants her parents involved in her
sex life, AT ALL. Even if they are into BBC, they are quite capable of picking out their own lovers.
And, let's be honest, at 21+ the average woman knows full well "How to have sex" and with whom
she prefers to have it with.