Is this stuff real?

First a black president then a site where black men a worshipped?!?! I have died and gone to heaven if this is indeed not a farse. This being black thing is starting to work out. I was about to give up like Michael Jackson did but all hope is not lost after all.
Lmao, so funny....well. I have been a membet for three months and have yet to meet anyone from tjis site.I afore black men and would live to meet a bbc bull....I just cannot believr all the liars out here..
Well some lie about their gender..could be a gay man posiing as a woman for you to send pics of your bbc to him, ..or you find a bull and make plans to meet and for some reason you never hear from him was my just have to be careful.Idk if the reason. I hqve no luck out here is because I am a single latina woman with a thick curvy body and not a married white woman with a white. Hubby and no shape body??
Thank you..I am hopeful but idk..I cant believe all the game playing going on here..I do believe honesty is the best policy and I would never post a nude pic of myself on here...
Why not a nude pic? Are they all programs stealing pics? It seemed really cool reading the posts. I will be extra careful lov. I won't be showing my cock anyway in any pics.
Im sure there is ic stealing going on as well.I just wont post a nude pic of myself out here becuz u never knpw who might do something with it...