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Is there anything more humiliating than penis comparison?

Is there anything more humiliating?

  • No. That is the ultimate humiliation

    Votes: 69 47.9%
  • Yes. I can think of something more humiliating (please share)

    Votes: 52 36.1%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 23 16.0%

  • Total voters
you are being cuckolded. your wife is on her knees sucking her bulls huge black cock. she is worshiping his cock as you stand in the corner and watch.

she looks over at you and winks. she tells you to unzip your pants and come over to where she is sucking BBC, teasing you into thinking you are about to get a blowjob too.

you reluctantly walk up next to her, and she pulls you closer. she grabs your penis with one hand and grabs the BBC with her other hand. she makes you stand right beside each other to compare your penises.

the big black cock DWARFS yours. it's not just bigger, it completely puts yours to shame. you aren't even half the size of him. she looks at his cock and then looks at your cock and laughs out loud, adding more to your humiliation. "his cock is sooooo much bigger than yours" she says. the black man laughs now as your face turns red.

you can't hide it. the truth is right in front of all of you. you know it, she knows it, and the bull knows it. you can't compete with him. he's more of a man than you are. and his cock will bring your wife more pleasure than your little dick ever will. and your wife cant stop laughing and teasing you, knowing that it makes your tiny dick harder and harder. she calls you "baby dick" and laughs. your wife then pushes you away and chooses the big black cock over yours.

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This is such a good thread you should put up more gifs