Is she serious??


A while ago i told my gf about my fantasy and surprisingly she didnt take it that bad. at first she was apprehensive but not for the reasons i thought. it turns out her first boyfriend in highschool was black but according to her she never had sex with him because he tried to force himself on her. so she stayed with that bad experience in her head and generalized all black guys like that.

recently though she has really opened up about having another try with bbc.

here are a couple of texts between me and her and some pics. what do you guys think? is she ready for bbc? or is she bluffing? this memorial day monday, im sending her to the ghetto part of town by herself wearing a mini skirt and an anklet that says "i heart BBC" ill post the texts for that day Screenshot_2015-12-01-17-23-32.png Screenshot_2015-12-01-17-23-32.png



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i just sent her a pic of the anklet shes gonna be wearing and she sent me a video of her fingering herself and her soaked panties...i cant upload the texts now because i cant block her number...but monday i will post it all
I hope it works out for both of you!