Is she real? Is she fake? WTF! Can I get a "real" woman instead of all this spam!

How has your experience been as far as meeting a 'real' woman/ couple in person from this site?

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I've been on this site off and on for a year now and I'm curious about everyone else's (Mostly black men) opinions about this community.

My experience is that there is allot of fukkin bullshit on this site! I feel that is allot of gay white men on her posting bogus pictures of women just to get dick pictures n shit and that's cool. I have never met anyone from the site and question the reliability of the so called 'women' using this site.

So I want to know.............

  1. How has your experience been as far as meeting a 'real' woman/ couple in person?
  2. How many times have you actually met a woman/couple in person?
  3. Have you been hookwinked? Bamboozled? LOL..... If so, what is the percentage? 90% of the time?
I'm sure this will be a good posting as it gets around. I'd appreciate your honesty and I'm sure the rest of the guys will as well.
I am a handsome guy with a massive sweet cock as you can see on the picture but it seems like we are just happy to come and waste our precious time on here. Noone is genuine on here. most of people feel comfortable sending you their email addresses and pictures but never gave you a chance to hear their voice because they are gays, ladyboys, pics collectors or whatever you call them. I don't think people ever met off this site, which is a shame for a great free Interracial site like this one. Come on people, get real and get things moving! :smoke:
Damn that's not cool at all! How long have you been on this site so far and where in the states are you located? I wonder of the black men outside of the U.S. has any luck. Hmmmmmmm
I've been on here since April 2012. Im from the UK. I don't think people get any luck anywhere in the world on a site full of fakes like this one. Let's just waste our time till we get fed up mate :bigsmile:


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i am a real woman...happy to skype or talk on the phone with someone i become attracted to...not sure how many others are real here...but i am 100% single white female
it's simple.
get a piece of paper,write your profile name and the date, then take a lovely pic showing your face and the writting on the piece of paper all together. upload the pic on here and wait for the miracle to happen :bounce: