Is my wife into BBC?

I worked on a little subtle pillow-talk last week. She was telling a story about an instructor at her gym (who is black) and I was caressing her inner thighs while we were talking about him. I kept encouraging her to talk about him more. She seemed somewhat in to him.
I just learned that she quit that gym and moved to a new one closer to home. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere.
Maybe there was something going on?
How Do I find out?
Maybe now that she does not go there she will be willing to explore with him?


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Maybe there was something going on?
How Do I find out?
D Bag ... have you actually asked her, yet, why she switched gyms? Maybe she switched because this instructor changed to the gym she's now going, or because he made an inappropriate advance toward her that made her feel insecure ... so I'd asked her why she changed gyms ... to truly determine if it was, in fact, the distance only. Then follow up her response with "well darn, I was rather enjoying your hot stories about the black gym instructor? So, now what are we going to do? Are there any hot, black men where you're going now?"

You know a lot already ... that she can fancy black men, and that she's willing to openingly discuss this topic with you. Those are early, major accomplishments in your endeavor to get her "blacked". By following up on the discussion, similar to what I suggest, this further encourages her to know you liked what was going on. If, after a month or so, nothing has happened ... don't be hesitant to again bring up the fact that you miss the gym discussions with her. If she opens up, again, casually mention the fact that you wouldn't mind if she did have a fling with a black man ... see where she goes with that.

Hopefully, you have given this deep, personal thought, because if it gets started, you may not have any control over where it goes ... most guys don't like that kind of arrangement. Good luck! Mac :)