Is My Husband Just Teasing Me?

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    A long time ago my husband mentioned to me a few times that he thought it would be hot to watch me have sex with a well-hung, black guy. He hasn't mentioned anything about it in awhile and I'm not sure if he was 100% serious about it, or if it was a vague fantasy. I wasn't open to it at the time, but now that I'm more comfortable in our relationship and with my sexuality I think it might be pretty hot. I'm planning on asking him about it soon.

    Anyway I was just curious to see how many people have tried, or wanted to try this? How did it affect your relationship? Was it a one-time thing or did you guys do it again? If it's a fantasy that you've had, but never gone through with, why not?

    I think about it a lot usually end up masturbating just thinking about doing a big, back man.


  2. Phil

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    I've dated men of all races. Dated alot of Black guys in college. Got married to a wonderful man (white) had some kids house jobs..all that stuff and got out of the lifestyle for awhile. We are now back in it full swing. We have a blast with it, I get all the BBC I want. Hubby is not the jealous type as he plays with his gf's as well. Good luck, you will look fabulous at the end of a nice long dark rod?
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  3. MWC4BLK

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    Mention it to him again, I bet he still wants a hard black cock in you!
  4. johabbes

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    Believe it he are serious when he says he wants to watch you fuck a big black cock so just do it show him you want it
    and became a bbc slut love to hear from when you done it
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    Honey do it that itch needs attention
  6. straightdrop

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    Why Masterbate , when you can just go get the real thing... you wanna do it bring it up to him and see what kinda feedback you get.......
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  7. Drillher4me

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    Why not bring the matter up with him ... do it when he's all heated up and rearing to go! I bet he'll be more than willing to discuss it with you! After that, and very quickly, you'll be amazed how quick things can happen!

    Enjoy!! My wife surely did! As did I as I watched and took movies and pictures of the event!
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    I agree with drillher4me, bring it up during sex and foreplay & roleplay it with him
  9. wwwtime

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    Don't hold back.... He wants to watch you in the worst way....
  10. willsrvu

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    You can bet, that as he mentioned it more than once, that he was serious about it. However, as you yourself say, you weren't open to it at the time, so he figured the issue was closed and gave up on it. Now it's up to you to let him know that you are ready to explore the possibility if he is still interested in it.

    Good for you, however, since you originally showed disinterest, to simply bring it up out of the blue might cause him to wonder why the sudden interest. He might think you are cheating or have someone already in mind which might make him feel a little insecure.
    I suggest mentioning it using something to break the ice, like if you watch porn together and a hot interracial scene comes up, you could remind him that he thought you would look hot fucking a Black guy and does he think you would look as good as the girl in the movie. Most likely he will trip over his tongue telling you how much hotter than she you would look. From there you could ask him how the two of you would go about finding a Black guy to do it with if he really thinks it's something you should try doing.

    The Wife and I have discussed her being with other men often, but currently she hasn't found anyone she would like to be with. She has been with men of other races (Black, Asian and Latino) before, so that is not new to her and doesn't hold any special intrigue.
    If she does find someone she would enjoy sexually, it would most likely be a continuing relationship as she is not one for taking chances with STDs via one night stands.

    I doubt that it would have any real effect on our relationship at all, other than it providing her with a fuller, more enjoyable sex life and me a super happy, satisfied Wife. In order for her to go there, the guy would have to be someone she really enjoys being with, which means he will be someone I am comfortable being around, so jealousy wouldn't be an issue.

    If you decide to go there, you need to make sure to keep your husband part of the experience, especially at first. This has to be something the two of you are doing together. If it goes well and you find a Black man that doesn't make your husband feel threatened regarding you leaving him, eventually he will be OK with you enjoying sex with him even if he isn't there.

    Good luck and let us know how things progress.
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  11. Bruce

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    Role playing would be a good way to get the ball rolling.