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Is my girl lying about my size?

Hey all, I've been coming to this site now a while checking all the new updates and pictures etc and I keep trying to tell myself this is all just a passing thing but I guess I love getting hard at the idea of married white women and gfs fucking big black cocks.

My girlfriend said that I have a big penis; it's about six inches long and two inches wide, but do you think she's lying about it?!

My favourite scenario is wedding night pictures too if anyone has any to share!
well I dont think she is laying becouse Im black and Iam only 3 to 4 inches .there re big white guys too .Im bi black male and I have seen huge white guys and even some asian .my experence .
Cock size knows no color my man...longest cock my wife said she ever fucked was a white guy, she didnt get out the tape measure but she said it had to be at least 10" inches..10" real inches not internet..she couldnt take him all the way and trust me my wife can take some cock. Now the thickest guy she ever had was black, he was the average 6 or 7 " but round like a can of corn she said. The best kinds of cocks I would say most,,not all of curse, but most women like are the 6" to 8" inchers,,that are thick.and most importantly ,,can keep it rock hard..you start getting into the 9" club and above its alot of blood to keep in that monster, and from my experience women want a solid hard cock to bounce on
Cheers guys, maybe she's not lying! Just compared to some of the guys on this site I thought she might have been!

Thanks for getting back to me!