Is it weird?

I just have to ask a question. My wife was a virgin when we got married. She didn't know anything about sex, everything she knows I have taught her. From day one she has never liked giving oral, can't stand the idea, loves getting, just not giving. However, I have discovered that if I have a condom on, then she will not only suck me, but she takes it deeper and is much more passionate about it. She especially likes it when I wear a black condon or some we have designed to glow in the dark.

Is there anything to this? Why would she prefer the taste and texture of a condom over real skin? Love your input. Thanks.
Have you tried taking a shower just before you go to bed with her, but after the shower, applying a lotion to your dicklet that gives it a good taste? There are several on the market. I think that K-Y even has one, and a lot of the K-Y products you can get in regular stores like Wal-Mart and various drug stores, etc. Try it.

She might be worried about cum in her mouth, so you can also try promising not to cum in her mouth (yeah, right, sure, like you can keep that promise).