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Is it really cuckolding?


Real Person
I have a huge fantasy and I think it's cuckolding, but I am not sure.

It starts out as we head for a weekend to our selves. She is hot and horny and we spend the first evening out dancing and playing as she gets hotter and hotter. By the time we are back to the hotel she is all but out of control. She gives in to my desires and I start by blindfolding her. Then I lay her on the bed in her slutty lingerie she has been wearing. I tell her I am taking pictures of her and then I start teasing her with ice, and feathers, and other things. Then I stop and tell her I am changing for her. As she waits in anticipation, what I really do is give her to a man I have arranged to show up. I tell her it was room service and that he saw her. Then I let him have her.

He starts slow and continues teasing a bit. Then he can't help it and starts taking her. He takes her how he wants and just as he is about to make her cum I pull her blindfold off so she suddenly knows she is with another man but is so horny she can't stop it. She cums and he cums. When she recovers she gets mad. As my punishment I get teased for the remainder of the weekend as she does things with him that she doesn't or won't do with me. She cums several times and is totally satisfied while I am not allowed to cum.

What are your thoughts? Is this a cuckold fantasy?


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It's "fantasy", that's for sure ... and if she gets fucked by another man, and her being married, that's cuckolding. Its also dangerous as, without her prior approval, she could bring legal action against you and him and have a real case.
Anytime you cripple one or more of your senses ... sight, hearing, taste, smell, feel ... the other senses get stronger and more sensitive. Consider blindfolding her AND earplugs so she can't hear ... and don't remove them at anytime during the sex. So, all she has is her senses of feel, taste, and smell ... her imagination will create her ultimate fantasy and she'll cum a lot easier for sure. If you want her to beg you to do it again and again ... never ever reveal to her who you've allowed to fuck her, and you'll find she'll be more responsive to your fucking her than she is when she's not blindfolded. In fact, don't even let her know there is more than one person in the room, so she'll never really know if its you or someone else. The experience (to both of you) may well be worth it. Mac ;)