Is it possible?

Is it possible for a white male and female to have a long fulfilling relationship/marriage if the primary basis for getting together is a complementary love of interracial sex? I really don't know! But for me it's something I feel I have to give my all to attain.
I believe that the union of black masculinity and white femininity is the most erotic sight and feeling in the world and, although I can't experience it first hand, is something I would love to encourage and share with my partner.
You may be a white girl who actually enjoys the power of cuckolding your partner before bigger black men or you may just be looking for a white male to offer support, it doesn't matter which as long as you think it's something that may enhance your enjoyment, pleasure and experience in both the short and long term.
So if you are a white female with a strong liking for black men, but would give some thought to an alternative lifestyle then I would love to hear from you.