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Is it noticeable to others?


Real Person
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My friends have said im a lot more confident and outgoing than i used to be. But im not sure if BBC have made me this way or if i have started seeing BBC because i have become more confident. Not sure which came first. Its got to do you good though when a younger, fit guy wants to be with you!


An interesting thing happened to me over the holidays. While we were visiting with family, two of my female relatives commented that I seem different - in a good way. They observed that I seem more content, more patient, more alive. And they also observed that hubby and I seem closer and more in love than ever before. In their words, we seem hotter for each other.

This was all surprising to me, their comments. I attribute it to our newfound fun with my black lover, but I had no idea my demeanor was different. Have any of you had a similar experience around friends or family? They don't know of your lifestyle, but notice the effect?
Thats how it goes when you take a black lover.
Hubby gets more interested in you and therefore you also get more interested in him . Its a great shot in the arm for any white marriage .
Its like we discover sex all over again whenever hubby shares me with a black man and i love it.
Karen x.
That is an interesting perspective Ann. You're right - which came first? I guess it doesn't really matter, lol. I do feel more confident too, better overall about myself. It has done wonders for my self esteem, having a younger black lover.
It also helps with your self-image. You want to look sexy.
As a Cuckold, I know it can been seen, sensed and felt by others. There is nothing more arousing and overtly noticeable, than seeing a woman or a man who has just been dugout by a Black Bull! Especially when you realize why they appear to be glowing.

As a Bi-Cuckold, I'm proud to say, I know I strut like a Peacock after I get reamed out! I even find (depending on how much I was opened) I have residual full Orgasms hours later. After a full hard residual load, when I'm all hot and flustered. People have come up to me and said I look like the Cat that swallowed the Canary! As soon as I make eye contact with them and acknowledge their comment. Their expression turns to an embarrassed sense of shock as they know why I look that way and then they realize I can see they know why.



Real Person
I experience it too - always feel beautiful after I'm w a blk dicked lover, and feel more content, laid back, and sexier. Friends/families/coworkers always compliment me and wonder what to attribute it to!