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Is it all sex or is there some romance with your bull

I'm just curious ladies Is it just pure sex with your bull or do you go on dates and stuff. I ask because a woman took me out to dinner it was nice admittedly it got weird at the end when her cuck showed up outta nowhere and paid for everything. It was nice but weird dude wouldn't even let me leave a tip. So I just curious are there bull dates or is it just meet fuck and leave until next time.


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I usually just go straight to the guys place, but I do like going out occasionally for a drink and a bit of fun. I was out with him last Saturday and had a fun night.
It makes a change to be together in a different setting, and I like it when a guy 'shows me off' to people he knows, and he gets me to show off my tatts to them. Feel young and free again!


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I have lots of good romance with my lovers,sometimes we just go straight to bed and fuck,hard and sweaty pounding!But I still feel a deep deep loving connection with any man who is filling my body with his body fluids!I love making love to all of these beautiful black men outside of my marriage and I enjoy going out and dating and loving these men.They enjoy seducing and romancing and loving me and I enjoy loving them and taking them inside of me and becomming one with each one of them as they fill my pussy with black baby seed!
There's ALWAYS romance! I'm married, but I like to date other men. And I date them, not just fuck them. That, along with some great sex, is what makes it fun for me. I guess that's why I've never had a 3-some, or a gang bang, or done a glory hole. I'm not saying I wouldn't, but I like to get sort of intimate first. Then he can fuck my brains out!:bounce::blackheart: