Is BBC so powerful it has the ability to turn a straight, masculine white man into a gay sissy?

Is BBC so powerful it has the ability to turn a straight, masculine white man into a gay sissy?

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Keeping it basic on this post...true or false...Can BBC turn a straight, masculine white man into a gay sissy?

I'm curious to hear what people think about the power of BBC and it's ability to turn otherwise straight masculine white men into submissive sissy sluts.

i agree with vezums ... its the cuckold gens in the first place to make you feel submissive and devout in the first place to get you receptive for this kind of things ... and then there is this theory that human tend to confirm with society/pressure rather than fighting it ... getting constantly shoved up your brain, that you are inferior as white male and seeing the masses of white male getting into this feminisation thing makes it easyer for a "weakminded" person to go participate into cuckold/sissylifestyle. Does that make any sense ?


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By "sissy" if you mean beta male or subservient male? I don't think an alpha male is going to turn sissy or subservient all that often ... just not in the genes. He may choose to play the part, but unlike the true gay sissy, he can just as easily choose to be dominant once again. In fact, some men can be dominant in one relationship and subservient in another relationship by choice.
With me, it's true. Esp learning that my cock was small. I had a girl cage me, took estrogen, had it as cream, had it. Cursed, now rolling it in sack , tight panties on. I lost 3 inches. I'm 1 3/4 inches hard, if that. Girls tell me all the time I've got a baby's sized dick. I am so small I can t fuck, but it's ok, I know black dick will end up taking over. My "gf"went black, went to jail ,when she got out I told her I'm a sissy, I suck BBC alot, n showed her mine, she couldn't believe it . I love watching white girls w black. You know it's BBC they got them. I know bc I have sucked bout 150 black dicks in 2 years. I ha be a couple masters, they said I'm a white girl, n I'm here to lead white girls to salvation, n to service black dick when asked. I love it, I can deep throat 10 inches ,I always swallow. I recently was turned out too, my name's Samantha, I was in night, panties, pigtails, when he flipped me over, pulled my panties just down past my ass, pillow under my hips. He had like 5 girls watching,humiliating me, telling me what to do to make my master cum, in hopefully feeding me. I love the taste of cum. Well he fucked me, I literally was female, he sai Samantha, yr black owned, I said yes, I thought it hurt ,but lubed up, he got all 8 in. I was moaning. The girls said they wanted to cut my dick off. Had exacto near. I begged them to. I said it's so small, they recorded me begging. I was finally flipped round,legs up, master asking does it feel good? I said oh God yes. I'm a white girl. He Sid yup. He pulled out, grabbed my pony tail and came in my mouth. So good, I love to swallow. So I clean up,. N the girls gave me a shirt that saidbc owned. Ilike it. It changed me. I don't feel like a man. I even came like a girl. I'm hoping that someone steps up n cuts my tiny dick off. If it happened, I'd say I wanted it. I'd love a white girl to do it. I am booked to suck 3 dicks today, can't wait n one said he was going to help female me more. I'm not allowed to dress as a man. Which is ok. I must service anytime I'm asked, can't wait, if u want to see me turn full sissy, tell me to suck yr dick. Uck me too. Idk what happened, but I feel like a woman. Sweet, 2 more messages, guess I'm sucking dick soon. A girl just wrote n said she's a nurse and if while I'm giving he'd, she's willing to cut my dick off, I guess she knows how to so I don't get mangled, she said it be quick. Well if y'all think I should tell me. If it's something you'd like to see, she said it be quick cause it's so small. She's going to put catheter in, then I'd start sucking master, she come pull it out, snip, said it won't hurt, I'll have to sit to pee. Should I do it tonight? So far 3 yes.


I think it is part of your personality early on. I cannot see a very straight, alpha type on his knees serving black men.

Personally I like sub bi/gay sissy types. I married one and I love sharing men with him, but I knew that about him while dating. His submission started in his teens.
Wow, an old post by my wife when she was on this site!