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    I'm a white man who loves to watch blacks with sexy white girls.

    I watch only ir sex movies & I imagine my hot girlfriend goes black! She is very sexy, therefore I do not know if she likes blacks.

    Off course I will never talk to her about my fantasies because I do not want to become a cuckold and loose her respect and self-respect.

    On the other side, I can't help my self of imagining her long sexy white legs around a black man's waist and his fat lιps sucking her hard nipples, while his big black manhood would open her! My 7 inches (18 cm) white cock is getting harder when I imagine her with a black than I do sex with her!

    Sometimes I wish she would got blacked for only one time and I could be hidden in the room watching them, but I am afraid it will not be only for one time and finally she would left me for the black.

    I would appreciate very much if the white girls here would share with me their experiences or desires with blacks and the black men if would do the same. I do not want to chat with white cuckolds!