Introducing my wife to the Cuckold Experience

Hi All,
My wife and I are living in So. CA near LA. We've been married for over 10 years and we are looking to change up our sex lives a little. She's a white MILF with a great body in her 40's. I'm a little older and have an issue with ED from time to time. I know she is a little frustrated so I really want her to experience mondo sex with another guy while I watch. We are totally committed to each other but I think this would be something she could get really excited about.
She had some experience with another couple years ago, so I know she could really get onboard with this. I need to approach it the right way. I care for her deeply and just want her to be sexually satisfied without
having to stray on her own. She said she would never do that, but needs are needs! Being that I'm willing, she would be more easily convinced to try it out. Hoping for some advice and direction.
Check out my pic of her! I have a feeling my thread here is going to bust with volunteers!