Introduce my English wife to the joys of BBC

Help me fulfill a long held fantasy!!

Firstly, I am certainly not the usually typecasted white guy depicted in the Cuckold genre of porn, ie: I am a well-endowed guy with a fit body who is more than capable of satisfying a woman, however I do have a yearning to see my wife go with a black guy.

I may be wrong, but I believe she has a body made for black men.

The fantasy that I keep daydreaming about revolves around us being in a club or a bar setting. She would be dressed to tease ie: high heels, stockings, short skirt and low cut top, she would sit at the bar, legs crossed showing off her stocking tops, sipping on her drink.

I am sat in a booth watching from afar waiting in anticipation. I have given her permission to flirt with anyone she finds attractive.

Finally a fit black guy starts to flirt with her and I can see that she is flexing her knee and rubbing into his thigh and giving him a hint. They break each other's personal space by touching each other's hair and arms. I can see my wife's nipples starting to pop through her blouse like they do when she is getting turned on. She invites him to sit in a booth and I watch them from afar. I can see that she is rubbing his thigh with her hand.

Somehow my fantasy then turns to having the 3 of us in our bedroom. I am just sitting in a chair watching but she is lusting over her new man, who slowly undresses her. She is getting so wet I can practically smell the beautiful aroma of her shaven pussy from across the room.

Now she is completely naked on the bed, on her knees looking at me. She is looking at me with eyes that are dilated with excitement yet she is nervous having never done this before. I come over to her face so I can look deep into her eyes. At the same time, her lover approaches her from behind and gently parts her pussy lips with his cock, taking his time to tease her. As he pushes into her for the very first time, he is slow and teasing. I am staring at her face and I can hear my wife moan and gasp gently and writhe her body slightly. I can tell that he is sliding into her. My wife's eyes try to stay fixed on mine but the pleasure causes her eyes to roll back and close.

As he progressively speeds up fucking her from behind, she begins to get louder and louder in her moaning. My wife is a quick cummer. As he penetrates her repeatedly, she is rubbing her clit with one hand while staring straight at me. Finally she announces that she's about ready to cum...."I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum....Oh fuck I'm cumming now!"

Just the knowledge that her pussy is cumming and pulsating in orgasm while gripping his black cock make me want to burst. The look on my wife's face and hearing her scream those words is my ultimate fantasy for her. Will this ever happen? I don't know but God I hope so some day.

As much as enjoying the visual aspect of such an encounter I would equally enjoy the mental stimulation ie: not being present but knowing my wife was out on the pull. I would love my wife to befriend an openly black cock loving white women who could take my wife to black clubs.

Lets get things started!!

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