Real Person
Hey guys been a member here for a little while so I thought I would introduce myself. I am in my mid twenties and reside in the north east Florida (if you take a look at my user name I am sure you can figure out where) I am a competitive runner, and currently in school to get my second college degree.

Short Story

So far one of my favorite sexual encounters was with a women twice my age I met at a bar. She took me home although somewhat iffy about the whole thing and let me have her for a few hours. She later told me she was trying not to enjoy to much as to not feed my ego, but texted me the next day saying it was the best bbc she had ever had and needed more so she would have to find a baby sitter for her kids in the near future. Our 2ed meeting I got us a room as a somewhat seedy motel on the edge of town. This time she walked in dropped down to her knees and swallowed my cock whole. We then made it to the shower where she bent over and let me have her doggy style before making it back to the bed. After a 3 or so hour session she had to return home and has since moved on with life. Looking for a new friend to that effect so if you are ever in the area shoot me a message :)
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