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Hello All,

it's a 58yo mwf submissive, married for 30+ years with 2 grown children whose husband enjoys taking photos of it but is unaware that it shares them or submits to others online.

Although seldom used here; its name really is donna but it has been trained to answer to whatever A/anyone wishes to call it

it seeks an Owner (Dom or Domme) to control and help it through its daily life. its previous owners have controlled much of its daily life up to and including its physical relationship with its husband.

it doesn't meet, cam or do phone sex. Chat, email and photo exchange are all the contact it wants or needs. If you seek more than that please do not waste Your time or its.

Very interested in hypnosis as a form of mental bondage and control, especially enjoys chatting with and submitting online to dominate Blacks and other women. sometimes enjoys stretching, forced masturbation, teasing & orgasm denial, objectification, humiliation & degradation.

Not really into the bondage thing or pain except for spankings sometimes & having its udders squeezed.

it's subdonna on yahoo im if You'd like to contact it there. However please let it know that you're from blacktowhite or it probably wont reply.
Are you interested in chatting about being a no name sub belonging to me by mind control will leave a message onn messenger for you to reply