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intro of the cuckold?


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i know that the matter of how soon the cuckold is introduced into the relationship of his wife and her black lover(s) is a pre-existing discussion. Sorry if this belongs on one of the threads already devoted to it. If someone can send a link of a popular similar thread I'll delete this one and repost this there.

So for some women they have yet to be with black men. This gives the opportunity for a cuckold to be there for the first time. Despite this, sometimes those involved would rather the husband have to wait. If this is the case, then how soon should the cuckold be brought in? Should the wife have gone all the way with the her lover(s) before the cuckold even gets his first peek?

How bout the wife only goes as far as kissing before the cuckold is introduced? Then he is and witnesses his wife kissing her black lover(s) for her second time. What I like about that is it puts him a step behind. The next date which the cuckold will be absent for could include oral. The next time the cuckold is present he'll witness the wife giving her black lover(s) oral which will actually be her second time. The chain continues. What do you think?