Interview with Ashley Cinn’s Hubby


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Interview with Ashley Cinn’s Hubby

Find the rest of this interview in my SHANGOReturns! Vol. 1 magazine: Hi there.

Ashley Cinn: Hello there. I found your wife's pictures on her Tumblr website.

Ashley Cinn: great. I hope you enjoyed her. I love sharing her She looks like she gets black cock steadily.

Ashley Cinn: She could always use more! We’ve been married 22 years; she was a virgin on our wedding night. Any kids?

Ashley Cinn: No, we never had any. Where do you reside?

Ashley Cinn: We're in Minnesota. She was raised in Georgia by very racist parents; she’s gotten over that though. She looks sexy in all her photos. I’d love to include her in my SHANGOReturns! magazine. I want to know more about her and how she started in this lifestyle,.

Ashley Cinn: Are there any special pictures you would like? Some of these ones you're showing me, along with any recent ones of her getting fucked. And any that shows her wedding ring.

Ashley Cinn: OK. Well, we’ve been married 22 years. About 10 years ago she decided she wanted to live out her biggest fantasy. She told me she wanted a Black man. It was quite a surprise to me when she mentioned it to me. I’ve always thought it would be hot to see her with someone else, but i never imagined she would go Black. It had always been a big fantasy since she was a school girl. How did it happen? Her first black cock experience.

Ashley Cinn: It was a lucky thing for us. We posted a few ads on Craigslist and found a guy locally. I was terrified, but she was very eager and excited. Never acted scared at all. Did you just watch? Did you film the event? Where did it happen: in your home, or elsewhere?

Ashley Cinn: She loves to fuck in Hotels. It's her favorite place, no matter who she’s with; she feels comfortable that way. I watched the first time and filmed every bit of the action. I’m sending you some pictures of her first time enjoyment. Yes, I’m seeing them. Very lovely.

Ashley Cinn: Thank you. I took all of her pictures. The guy was very masculine; he fucked her for nearly 3 hours. From that moment, she became hooked and has been so ever since. The guy must have cummed a lot in her.

Ashley Cinn: Oh yes, he did. She has told me several times how she wished she had done it sooner; she’s disappointed that she waited so long. Are the pictures working for you? Yes.

Ashley Cinn: Great. Does she favor her men wearing protection of does she like it bareback?

Ashley Cinn: She leaves that up to the men fucking her. I personally love seeing her go bare. I love it when they get to fill up her pussy for me. Do you ever get to clean up her pussy?

Ashley Cinn: Yes! I love that Do you ever suck her men's cocks?

Ashley Cinn: I have. I like to lick her from underneath while they fuck her doggy-style. Sometimes I suck on their balls while I’m under her. Some guys like to pull out and stick their cock in my mouth and back to her pussy. I think they get a huge power trip from that. You enjoy it when they humiliate you in front of her?

Ashley Cinn: A little bit

Ashley Cinn: We don’t get into extreme humiliation; I’m only 4 1/2 inches so that’s humiliating enough. I’ve seen her take a guy whose cock was 11 inches. What's the best form of humiliation you enjoy?

Ashley Cinn: I love it when she tells me she loves black cock. When she describes to me how much bigger and better black cock makes her feel, knowing her lovers have been places, I will never know. Seeing the thick cum of a Black man running from my sweethearts married pussy. Knowing she tolerates sex with me, but is excited for every one of her dates. How many lovers has she had in one night?

Ashley Cinn: 6 in one night. It was fucking incredible!