interracial world


Real Person
It seems like more and more interracial couples are turning up, more and more white women are dating black men not just fucking them but dating, just look at mylie cyrus shakeing her ass for every black guy to see, white women twerking all over the place its seems like interracial is the "in" thing right now on twitter its "teamblackboys" or "teammixedbabies" the younger generation are all in when it comes to interracial so what does this mean for the future?
It's a small step forward into a brighter more positive future. More and more people are letting go of the barriers and and falsified stereotypical stigmas that've existed throughout many moons. On the other hand....The whole "twerk" sensation and Miley Cyrus ordeal is more of a fad and cultural influence from todays music industry. I don't really think she's sending a message out to black men or showing she's into the interracial scene. Just looking for attention and shock value. The day she walks out hand in hand with a black dude will be the day everyone can say I told you so lol