Do you suspect your wife is fucking black men while on vacation?

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How many of you have had your wives or girlfriends go on a "Sun Vacation" either alone or with their girlfriends? Probably lots of you. I know mine does at least once a year and they say they're looking for white sand and blue water. The part they don't tell you about is they are also looking for black cock which they find easily. So the next time your wife or girlfriend comes back from her "vacation" you know that sweet pussy of hers has been stretched wide and a big black stud has filled her with his huge cumload. Just thought you should know.

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Mark here today:
Well we don't do much alone and don't vacation alone, so this has not happened for us. However, IF we ever decide to take the plunge to try the real thing, It would most likely be while on vacation in a setting like this.
When vacationing in the DR last year, we looked for men with BBC to fuck my slut wife, but were not successful. We were both pretty horny by that point in time, so we settled for a white Bull off Craigslist, who barebacked her quite aggressively and deposited cream pie in her (see video). View attachment 1631335
that was really hot! Would love to have seen the cum dripping out of her!