• Yes

    Votes: 61 37.9%
  • No

    Votes: 32 19.9%
  • Not Sure

    Votes: 16 9.9%
  • Probably

    Votes: 8 5.0%
  • I hope so

    Votes: 20 12.4%
  • I hope not

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes, and I watched

    Votes: 16 9.9%
  • Just Once

    Votes: 2 1.2%
  • Many times

    Votes: 10 6.2%
  • I've tried to convince her to do it

    Votes: 19 11.8%

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My wife and I were vacationing in the Caribbean last year and staying at an
adult-only resort where there were lots of interesting things going on,
especially in the evening. One night after we had shared a couple of bottles of
wine we were in one of the hot tubs. It was a little later and most everyone had
gone back to their rooms so we were alone. One thing lead to another and we
started making out. After some hot oral sex I began fucking her from behind and
she was really getting into it. Her moans must have attracted some attention. As
we were fucking I happened to look up and there was a young, black man who
worked at the resort standing there watching us. He was also stroking his
enormous black cock. We just looked at each for a few moments and then I
continued fucking my wife. She was not aware of his presence until he moved
closer and positioned himself just in front of her. She looked back at me
briefly and then back at him. The excitement of this hung black stud joining us
made me even harder and our love making quickened. As though it had been planned
my wife began sucking his big cock as I thrust into her. He and I were making
eye contact although no words were spoken; not as much as a facial gesture was
exchanged. It was very erotic. After a few minutes of this he suddenly pushed me
away and moved in behind my wife. Still nothing was said. My wife looked at me,
but since she made no objection I assumed she wanted to see where this would go.
The black stud was younger than me but very well built and I wasn't sure I
wanted to have a physical encounter with him. It was clear, however, that my
wife did. I submitted to the realization that this young stud was going to fuck
my wife and there was little I could do about it. My wife reached her head
toward me with her lips parted. I took one last look at the black stud and began
kissing my wife passionately. Her gasps and moans betrayed our kiss as his huge
cock penetrated her and filled her far beyond my ability. He took hold of her
his and fucked her with deep powerful thrusts as I watched helplessly and held
my wife's hands. Her moans and cries indicated pure and lustful pleasure and she
looked at me as though she was experiencing the greatest joy life had to offer.
It was an exquisite blending of humiliation and eroticism. She came several
times under his dominate assault and then he thrust deeply and emptied his large
black balls into her. Then as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone. I
thought my wife might disown me, but noticing my rock hard cock was still crying
out for release, she took my hand and without a word, lead me back to our room.