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Interracial on the rise despite racist propaganda....

Everywhere I go these days I am shamefully titillated and reminded of my place as the inferior white race. Even though I know many racists have struggled very hard to fight the inevitable rise of interracial relationships it keeps increasing. Everywhere I go I see white women pushing baby carriages with black babies in them, some biracial. A few asian women with mixed white babies.

My girlfriends kenyan lover is not unique. More and more of the white guys I talk to, though they don't admit it I know they are jacking off to interracial porn. More and more tv shows are open about the Interracial porn be using in relationships to spice things up.

I'm going to admit it that the below picture is something that can't be stopped. Just look at how she turns and treats that might COCK. What I have will never be worthy of comparison. It's so dark and so big and that white flesh submissive to it puts me in my place like nothing else.

What is our role as white males since this is the truth? What is our functions? If we can't get white women and we aren't homosexuals and don't have a place in one of the colors of the gay rainbow, what worth is the white boy interracial cuckold?