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Interracial Hotel Takeover Party - Saturday August 22nd - Allentown PA


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As some of you know or have heard, we throw some of the best interracial parties in the NYC area. Just ask anyone in the lifestyle about Afterdarkk parties and they will tell you. Our parties are all about sexy women who enjoy playing with black men and our ladies play HARD. Our takeover party is going to be insane. If you are a first timer or an experienced player (I'm talking to women and couples) this is the party for you. As for the guys, we don't mind welcoming new faces but we want guys with experience in the lifestyle. So, if you're a guy and you want to come you'll have to be on one of the major swinger sites (sls, sdc, lifestyle lounge, etc) with certifications. Feel free to hit me up if you want more details. If you are on sls you can find me at SweetTee76 (that is the profile I have with my slave). This is the party you definitely don't want to miss.