Interracial Confession: Harry's Confessional


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The white man walked into the building, saw the light of the confessional box turned green and decided to approach it, knowing no one would be inside. It was late in the evening, about a quarter past eight. He should have been home by now. Matter of fact, that was where he was enroute to when he’d decided to stop by here and make bare his soul to someone who might listen.

The interior of the confessional box was small and dark with a mesh separating his section from the other; there was a chair inside. The man closed the door behind him and sat down on the chair; above his head, the green light automatically turned red. There was the sound of a man entering the other confessional; the white man couldn’t make out much of the black preacher’s features through the mesh but could hear him clearly when he spoke.

“What can I do for you, white boy?” asked the preacher gruffly.

The white man swallowed and then cleared his throat before speaking. “Sir, I’ve come … I’ve come to confess.”

“I can see that, can’t I, white boy,” the preacher spoke arrogantly at him, making the white man cringe in his chair. “Or else what would your white boy ass be doing in here. Go on with your talk, boy. Time is money.”

The man interlocked his hands together as if in prayer, when actually he was struggling to calm his nerves.

“My name is Harry,” he began, “and I’m here to make a confession. It’s about my wife. Her name is Jill. She’s very pretty. We’ve been married two years now, no kids yet. Recently something’s happened to us that … well, it’s sort of changed our lives.”

“The fuck is it, boy? Speak like you’ve got a tongue.”

Harry swallowed again; dots of sweat appeared on his brow. His lips trembled as he spoke. “My wife revealed a secret to me almost a month ago. She told me about her craving for … for black men. Something she’s kept secret from me even before we got married. My wife, Jill, loves sex, and unfortunately I’m not that keen in that department. She told me that she’d been sleeping with some guy. A black man. She’d been sneaking him into the house, and four weeks ago she decided to come clean about it and introduced him to me.”

“How did that happen, white boy? Tell me about it.”

Harry now dug into his story:

“It was a Saturday noon. I was supposed to head out to meet a friend of mine for a round of golf, except it got to raining in the morning and I called my buddy and told him I wasn’t going to make it. Jill had earlier gone out. I was in the den reading a magazine when she returned with her lover. She introduced him to me as Mr. Tibbs. She said that they met at some swap-meat shop, or something like that, and since then, they’d been tight with each other. She then told me about how lousy I was in bed, and how since she’d known me, I’d never been able to satisfy her. It was true. I do a much better job with my tongue, but she’s always preferred the real thing. Anyway, she then told me about the times she’d been fucking Tibbs, both at his place and over at our home. She told how one time when I’d called her from work, listening to the way she was breathing on the line, that he’d actually been fucking her at that time. Yet she told me that she was exercising. Some exercise that turned out to be.”

The preacher broke his concentration by muttering a laugh. When he was done, he urged Harry to continue.

“She told me about a couple of times when he’d fucked her at his place, and of the couple of times he’d invited one or two of his friends over to fuck her. Jill and I had never done anal sex before, but she said she does now, with Tibbs. It was crazy, and I just sat there staring at her, thinking I was losing my head or something, while her boyfriend Tibbs sat across from us laughing his head at me. Right then I wanted to call the police on him … but I knew I wasn’t going to. You should have seen him—big guy with a solid frame. He got up and came over and pulled Jill into his arms and then he told me to ‘watch this, white boy,’ and she unzipped his fly and pulled out his black cock and started sucking him. I watched this whole thing happen in front of my eyes; I almost thought I was going insane. I stood there and watched my wife, my sweet, angelic wife, Jill, suck another man’s cock right in front of me … and I did nothing about it. Absolutely nothing, sir.”

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