Interracial babymaking - for real

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White women only: Would you *seriously* consider having a black man's baby? Honest answers please.

  1. Yes, I already have interracial children

  2. Yes, I absolutely plan on doing this

  3. Maybe, I like the idea and, but I'm unsure or not ready yet

  4. Maybe, I would really LIKE to, but I'm married and afraid of what people would think

  5. No, I'm just into sex with black men and maybe into the fantasy of breeding, but that's it

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  1. BLK_Impreg_WHT4Real

    BLK_Impreg_WHT4Real New Member

    I have posted on this topic before:

    I am posting a new poll about it here. This poll is for white women and couples. I'll post another poll for black men later.

    NOTE: Please, if you are going to try to lecture others or pass judgement, do not respond to this thread. It is immature and serves exactly zero purpose. We've heard it all before and quite frankly the arguments are pointless. Thanks.
  2. Army cuck

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    My ex wife and I were going to do it. Although she did not want to keep it. The scenario we worked out was we out it up for adoption or she has the baby for a couple as long as the man imoregnates her the traditional way. She also said it would only happen if I was in the delivery room when the black baby came out.

    This never happened though.
  3. Hansjensen

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    That's a very interesting thread! There could however have been one more answer possibilities: "Yes, I would love to have an interracial baby. But my husband isn't ready yet". That's the case in our marriage.
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  4. Alexander1989

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    I'm on a mission to say you're an idiot, man:cool: