International Ladies - The Good,Bad & Beautiful!!

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    This is about International Ladies:
    Latin America
    Carribean/West Indian/Barbados/Jamaica...etc
    And all other...

    The Good:
    No Political Correctness
    Sexually Driven/sexually open not a big deal in other countries...just look at laws here instead the U.S. Very dumb.
    Don't us sex as a weapon (United States) very bad with that shit.
    The beautiful Woman holy shit you will break your neck I have been to Prague/Czech Republic Jesus Christ is all I have to say lol;)
    Attentive: very much so they are also great conversationalist and can talk on virtually any topic.(no phone distractions,ADD shit)

    The Bad:
    Distance: (need to do an instant transmission like fucking goku from DBZ LOL
    Communication:language barrier but once you get past that all good.

    The Beautiful:
    The reason they are so sexy and beautiful
    Real Food
    Non chemical/gmo
    Overall less stressed then there US counterparts they don't take shit to serious and can live more simple.

    That's my experience and take on it though to each there own peeps.

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