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    question of the year this is open to any country ? I am a 34 bbc looking for the dream vacation ? does anyone know the perfect island for a bbc ? im looking for hot beaches with women who love bbc , i want to walk on a beach in a gstring with the imprint of a thick 11 inch bbc and see how women on a beach react me asap with destinations and i will pick one ..ill take one female and one cuck and one other bbc ..the trip will be in jan 2014 .. .but i need to pic the place now ...
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    From all i have heard, I would suggest Jamaica, especially in January. Maybe one of the hedonism resorts?
  3. Whiskey_Ronney

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    Brazil, Columbia, and Cuba...not in that specific order but these places will make you weak at the knees. I haven't been personally but I have a couple buds that have. The stories never get old.