Interesting turn of events.

Here's a little background on me. I was married once before and in a cuckold relationship. That didn't turn out so well, as my ex fell in love with one of her bulls and we ended up splitting up over it. I got with my current girlfriend just as my marriage was ending.

My current girlfriend is in her early 20s, 9 years younger than I am, and has been with exclusively black guys other than myself. I was upfront and honest with her about what happened in my marriage and about my penchant for things such as interacial porn, and my desires to have my significant other be with other men, particularly black men. She was very understanding of the things that I like, but was very adamant that she has never cheated on anyone and would never do anything with anyone but me as long as we are together. She has been more than willing to play during sex however, and will tell me how small my dick is and how much she misses black cock, needs a real man, etc...

She had told me a long time ago that she and her ex had taken tons of pics together, and made tons of videos of them having sex. Of course, I had asked repeatedly if she could get any of them, and told her how much I would love to have them so I could see her taking black dick. Her answer was always that she had deleted them all and wasn't going to start talking to her ex again just to get the videos/pics. I understood and agreed not to push it.

Last week she told me she had a surprise for me for Christmas. As it turns out she had ran into her ex at the store and he had started up a conversation. She ended up asking him if he still had any of those videos, and if he would send them to her. He said he did, and he would with one condition. She had to agree to talk to him any time she saw him in public and give him a hug, even if she was with me. As she is telling me all of this my dick is hard as a rock thinking about these videos I'm getting to see and also the prospect of her having to run up to him in public while we are together and giving him a big hug. I have no doubt he's the king of guy who would get handsy with a hug in front of me just to prove he can.

Since then I have enjoyed the 4 videos he sent her and have been encouraging her to talk to him and keep him happy so we can possibly get more. She has seemed hesitant but will talk to him when he texts, though she says she's only doing it for me and won't be talking to him everyday or every time he wants to.

The other night we got drunk and started messing around, and I suggested she text him while I was eating her pussy. She said ok without hesitation and grabbed her phone. She asked me what I wanted her to say and I told her just to say whatever she wanted. She ended up texting him that she was laying in bed and missing him so much. That she couldn't stop thinking about his big dick and wished she could feel him cumming in her again. She also got him to send a picture of him and his dick. All of this was without any prodding from me. I thought this signified a break through, but since then she has barely responded to his texts and has ignored the couple of times he has told her he wants her.

I asked her if talking to him while we had sex the other night turned her on and her response was no that she was only doing it for me and that she doesnt care if she ever really talked to him again. I know that she was really in love with this guy when they dated, and only broke up with him because he treated her very badly. I guess I'm just wondering if she actually is enjoying talking to him, but doesnt understand/want to be having those feelings? Am I playing with fire by encouraging her to talk to her ex? Or am I on the path to being cuckolded by them? Any opinions, insights, or advice will be appreciated. (Before anyone asks, no I wont be posting the videos lol)


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Personally, I think you had better be careful what you wish for. You said she was "very in love with him" but that she doesn't cheat and won't. You said she left him for him treating her bad. If you are not careful, she is going to start thinking you want to see her badly treated or that you don't really love her, because you are pushing her off onto him.
The advice I got here pretty much coincided with how I was feeling anyway, so I decided not to push anything. She had been adamant that she would never even make out with anyone else while we are together, and didnt want to do her a diservice by not abiding by her wishes.

That being said, she texted him again the other night while we were having sex, thats become kind of a thing now and gets us both going. He asked what her schedule was looking like this week and, shockingly, her response was "pretty open". Long story short, it looks like they may be meeting each other on Thursday. I asked what her plan was if he really did show up, and her response was she was just going to wing it.

Now my head is spinning at the way things have gone, and Im so excited at the possibilities that I can barely contain myself.
The fact that its her ex is scary, but definitely makes it that much hotter. I totally agree. She made me swear to her that i wouldnt get mad if he comes over, and that i wouldnt get mad at anything that might happen. That almost makes me feel like its a done deal in her mind, assuming he shows up. I think its funny that the original goal of getting their old pics and videos has totally been forgotten by her.

I wouldnt feel comfortable showing the videos i have, as both of their faces can clearly be seen. Sorry

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