Interesting: heteropaternal superfecundation


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Anyone here ever heard of this? I work in the health insurance field and we recently had a claim where a white female had paternal twins, one black, one white. It is causing all kinds of issues. Its rare when it happens, but after studying up on it, it happens more often than not, just hard to prove that 2 or more men are involved. Happens with cats all the time! I've seen a female cat have 5-6 kittens, and some long hair, some short hair, etc.

Heteropaternal superfecundation occurs when a woman releases 2 or more eggs in her cycle, and those eggs are fertilized by 2 or more sperm from 2 or more sexual intercourses. First known, proven case of this happened back in the mid-1800's when a white woman had 2 babies, one black, and one white. There have even been cases of triplets where 3 eggs were fertilized by 3 sperm by 3 different men.

Imagine an oxtimom situation, where the female releases 8 eggs and has gangbang sex with a lot of men ... the possibility of her having 8 babies at the same time, all by different fathers. Weird, huh? Gets you to thinking ... wow! :)


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There is also an inversion of this that is called Chimerism, this is when two eggs fuse together early on in the pregnancy. If it occurs early in the pregnancy before cells start to differentiate the result is a normal appearing person that has two or possibly more sets of DNA. There has been a couple of pretty interesting court cases that brought this condition to light in the last few years. One I believe was in California and DNA testing determined that she was not the parent of her two children and a medical examination determined she had given birth at least once so where was that baby? Testing of the children DNA determined that a blood relative, likely a sister was the birth mother. They finally figured out that she was a Chimera and each ovaries was from a different fertilized egg. Some of her organs were from one egg the others from a different egg. The other and I believe the first case involved another woman on the East coast that needed a transplant. Naturally the best place to get transplant organs is from a blood relative, testing determined that she wasn't the mother of either one of the adult (I believe they were adult they may have been teens or younger). So the question came up of two babies a few years apart being switched and all kinds of legal issues ensued. However the woman had the financial resources to get to the bottom of the problem and it was discovered that she was the result of two eggs that had fused into one person perfectly normal in every respect except that she was carrying different DNA in different parts of her body. The immuns system is one of the last things that forms so when it does it recognizes any DNA present as normal.

It is possible for two eggs to be fertilized by different men. This is a know fact. It is possible for a woman (or a man) to have been the result of two of more eggs fusing together and resulting in a normal person. So theoretically a woman could have two ovaries with a different genetic history. If she ovulated an egg from each ovary and they could each be fertilized by different men. Now if those eggs fused into a single pregnancy the you have a baby that genetically appeared to have two mothers and two fathers. I am sure the courts and the medical profession would have a field day sorting out.

It the eggs fuse later in the pregnancy the result is often a parasitic twin, or and individual with extra arms and or legs
okay..i'm going to sound totally dumb but i couldn't even pronounce those words..i'm like rolling it around on my tongue and it's not coming out right~lol~
but yeah.i have heard of it before and it's really possible..if a woman has sex with two different guys around the same time..and the twins aren't identical then it's very possible that one man can fertilize one egg and the other guy can fertilize the other one
i just wouldn't want to be the woman who has to tell her twins when they get older why they have two different fathers..i can't imagine that's going to be an easy story to tell