Interested Couple

I finally got some time to come on here and take a look around while hubby is not around. Thought I would come in here and introduce myself. I am a mature wife of 17 years of marriage. We have had a good relationship for the most part, nothing more than the typical ups and downs.

Several years ago however we went through a rough patch and we thought about separating for a while. During this time, I started a relationship with an old college boyfriend who comes to town from time to time for work. Turns out that it was one of the best and hottest things we could have done. Without realizing it, I had cuckolded my husband and he loved it and I got some very hot dirty sex out of it. Best of both world.

Well, my friend no longer comes to town and it has been nearly a year since hubby got his. We both have been talking about it and I have been wondering about finding someone darker since I have never before in my life.

Now, I am not looking for anything disrespectful or degrading. What my husband loves is knowing I am out with my BF and loves to get teases from me in the form of either texts, emails or photos. He especially loves hearing about what we did. I myself have a thing for large men with bald heads. I can not tell you why, but the shinier the better. I like dressing up sexxy and hot, but I do not believe myself to be a slut and prefer not to be treated as such.

When I am in bed, I like it very passionate and lean towards the rough side. I will do almost anything, but my biggest dislike is anal and my favorite is giving or recieving a good oral before a ride or being ridden.

I am attaching a picture taken while I was with my BF while my husband was home working. It is my favorite because its the one that drives my husband the craziest. He loves seeing me with my wedding ring while with another man. I would love to hear initial thoughs and reactions to see if maybe looking further into BBC is going to be something that will interested us. Thanks.

It's great to see a classy mature wife here, welcome and I hope you'll meet interesting people. I believe having black lovers would be interesting & exciting for both of you since you are curious and your husband is happy knowing you are having other men. You should try it and experience it first hand, then decide if it's something of your interest.