Inside the Mind of a White Woman

What Pushed You to love BBC ?

  • TV, Entertainment, Media

    Votes: 23 35.4%
  • Past Experiences

    Votes: 23 35.4%
  • Rumors from family or others

    Votes: 28 43.1%

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It seems from a very early age white girls are taught lessons about life and blackmen. My uncle was in WWII . He explained how German women told that blackmen have donkey dicks. I'm sure it's intent was to deter but it seems the opposite occured. Tv, Entertainment, media paints a very vivid picture. It's as if the only way a white woman would be exempt from such would be for her to be an isolated hermit. Its blantant given the looks i get when im out and about .My question is what influenceshe you to desire blackmen the most ?



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I was always curious about BBC and a little worried about the rumoured size of them! But what mainly attracted me to black guys (other than hubby nagging me!) was their apparent absolute confidence in their own sexual ability. No hesitation or needing help to get started, just a belief they can fuck anywhere, anytime. It's a lovely feeling and takes so much pressure of beforehand. And I've never been let down so far! X
None of the above. I have always like both black and white men. My first serious boyfriend was black and I thought nothing of it. Since then I dated both black and white. Married a white guy and have a black bull. Guess I got to have my cake and eat it to.
Youre the perfect woman. I had one for years until her daddy ordered her to get a divorce. I was the perfect hubby too. I miss her.
Her dad ordered her to get a divorce?! How?
I should clarify. It was her blk daddy. He started banging her yrs ago behind my back. She weaned me off the pussy little by little. Everything was fine. He owned her totally but she stayed at home with me. She became really bossy. Finally one night I was alone and drinking fum when she got home after spending a couple days sith him and his buddies. She was drinking which was rare. But I decided that since I was ORDERED to do cleanup Id try to talk her into letting me have some pussy too since I hadnt had any in over a year. I went down in her orally like always. Man she was dripping wet and she told me why. I stsyed with her till she cum good just like always and I didnt stop. She was dozing off and I slipped my dickette in. I hardly touched a side. I didnt last 3 min. When I was cumming she woke up. Holy shit she went ballistic. Threatened to leave etc. The next day she was gone at 7am snd back before lunch. She installed a cock cage as punishment and made the cleanup seesions more regular plus the detsils came via texts and calls every day n night. Her daddy called me and gold me one more move like I pulled and Id be divorced. Damn zi fid everything as she ordered and thought things were calming down when she hit me with the divorce. I begged and begged. To no avail. Her Dadfy ruled and thats that. Id love to gind another sexy player like her but havent had any luck. Its my fault for failing to respect the BM and his cock. I knew better but having her big plump ass and pussy in my face was too much for me. It was sure a great nut hahaha.


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I guess I had always heard the legends of the VERY, VERY WELL ENDOWED black man. As a girl I assumed it was a myth or a wild generalization. college I dated my first black boyfriend and my eyes and pussy were opened! He was all that and still one of the largest I've ever had. I was a BELIEVER!:blackheart:
I'm a White guy turns me on