Indulging Your BBC Fantasy

I'm probably like most men on this site. Interested in cuckolding or having our wives taken by other men, but it really doesn't happen. My wife knows its my fantasy and we have had some interesting experiences but I doubt I could ever get her to actually have sex with another man while I watch. However, we do some things that fuel the fantasy and I guess that will have to do for now. Just wondering what games other couples play short of the real thing. My favorite is role playing with my wife when we are in bed. She pretends I am her black lover or I may be myself and she will tell me naughty stories about her secret desire to fuck a black man while jerking me off. Currently she is on vacation in the Caribbean without me, and although I doubt anything will happen, I certainly image her meeting a black man down there and getting some BBC.

What do you do to indulge your fantasies?