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Independence Day

Each July 4th, my wife Beth and I enjoy going downtown to watch the fireworks display. Rather than go home after, we usually get a hotel room and stay the night to avoid traffic headaches.

After this year's show we headed to our usual hotel to spend the night. As we walked in the hotel lobby I noticed a tall black guy
talking to what appeared to be some of their friends working the bell desk. I noticed the men caught Beth's attention as well. Some fantasy images flashed through my head. Beth can get a little wild from time to time, and she knows I enjoy an occasional night of cuckolding if she's in the mood. I was kind of hoping she was after I saw her taking an extra long look at the studs at the bell

At the elevator, she noticed I was looking at her.

"What?" she said playfully.

"Nothing." I replied "I just hope we have a quiet night together, you know?"

"We'll see." she answered as she looked up at the descending numbers, then took another long look back over her shoulder.

Maybe it was my imagination, but as I looked back towards the bell desk I thought one of the guys was looking over at us
as he chatted with his buddies.

In the room, I stripped to my t-shirt and boxers, hopped on the bed and flipped on Sportscenter.

Beth emerged from the bathroom and announced she was heading down the hall for some ice.

"Ok" I said. "Hurry back."

Beth grabbed the bucket and a key, "We'll see".

She said that downstairs, I thought to myself "We'll See?? What does she mean by that?"

10 minutes went by. Then fifteen. I grew anxious. After a few more minutes I started to suspect what I was in for that night.

The door opened.

"Look what I found" she said. Behind her was one of the guys from the bell desk, all 6'4" of him. He had a casual stroll about him as
he Beth approached the beds and stopped in between them.

"You know what's gonna happen hon?" She said to me as she wrapped an arm around his waist and looked up at him.

"No." I said.

"This guy's gonna fuck me so hard there won't be anything left for you when he's done."

She reached under her skirt, slid down her panties and stepped out of them. "And I don't even know his name." The black guy chuckled.

She handed him the panties and he tossed them on the other bed. He was looking straight at me, smiling. He sat on the edge of the other bed. I was frozen. Beth reached down and removed his belt, helped him get his pants to his knees and began gently tugging
and massaging his cock.

"You know I need this babe. Right?" Beth said as she got on her knees in front of him.

"Yes." I answered, my voice cracked a bit. "Go for it."

A few minutes of my sweet blond wife's sucking had him good and hard, she got off her knees and he stood up, his thick pole stood on it's own. Beth came toward me, hiking her skirt. She leaned down and place a hand on either side of the nightstand between the beds. By now her tits were hanging of her shirt. The black guy had been sucking on them while she got him ready.

"Don't you say fucking word until we're done." she said, sternness in her voice. The guy stood and approached her from behind, sizing up her lily white ass. His cock was 11 inches if it was 1, and as thick as Beth's forearm. I couldn't stop staring at his cock. All I could think was "that thing is gonna be in my wife."

"Look at me." Beth demanded coolly. He placed a hand on her ass and spread her cheeks. I saw the tip of his cock slide in. Beth's lips pursed and her eyes closed, and she let out a low gasp as her shoulders went slack.

It took a few pumps, but they soon got their rhythm. Beth was working hard. The water in the glass on the nightstand rippled. I studied her face as he pounded in and out of her. I could see her concentration, her ecstasy.

Beth's new "boyfriend" slammed her for a good ten minutes while I sat just a few feet from them, not believing what I was seeing. Just as I thought I'd seen enough and was going to try to get them to stop, he pulled out and jacked a load onto her back as she shook and exhaled in pleasure. The black guy backed off, and Beth dropped onto the bed beside me, staring up at the ceiling and gasping.

A few seconds went by as I watched her catch her breath.

I didn't know what to say, my cock was hard, and creeping out of my boxers. "That was.. ahh.." I began to say. She interrupted.

"Oh I'm not done yet babe. You stay over on that bed, jack your cock if you want to. I need more."

I looked over at the guy who'd just finished treating my wife like the dirty slut. I could tell he was spent for a while. But then he started toward the door, shaking his head and laughing a little. I heard the thick snap of the deadbolt, and low voiced whispers. Then I saw his two friends from the bell desk appear.

One of the guys saw what was going on and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Shit man, you weren't playin" he said to his buddy.

"C'mon" Beth said. "Who's next?"
"Fuck it" one said. "Lets do this."

A smile formed on Beth's face "Oh yeahh." she purred as she got on all fours and climbed toward the edge of the bed where the men were standing in partial disbelief at their good fortune.
She took one cock in her mouth and the other in her left hand Still on all fours, she arched her ass in the air and the first guy, who was now ready to go again, mounted her and began thrusting as muffled, furious grunts of approval and ecstasy seeped out the side of her cock stuffed mouth. The two new guy's really seemed to be enjoying Beth's dual handjob. She looked over her shoulder at me as the the three thugs went to work, pawing her tits, and massaging her ass.

"Can you handle this sweetie? What I'm doing with these guys right in front of you?"

I had to admit, watching these three guys treat my wife like a carnival ride was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

Then she told me to jack off while the thugs went to work on her. They went on for 45 minutes, taking turns, trading positions, shooting grins of approval and disbelief at each other while Beth went like a fucking dynamo. It was like she was never going to stop. At one point, one picked her up, with his cock still in her and moved her across the bed so one of the others could face fuck her and pinch her nipples. Each time I thought it was wrapping up, she just begged for more.

When they finally finished, the men dressed as Beth laid on her back with her eyes closed, rubbing her tits, covered in cum. Fireworks popped outside, as I got up and jacked a load onto her stomach. I don't think she even noticed.