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Incredible changes

If you read through my history you will see that many of these ideas are way new to me and were introduced to me by my husband in an effort to support my desire to explore as well as spice up our lives a bit. But I would have never imagined what happened really would happen.

A few weeks ago I got a message from my husband saying my boy friend had contacted him and set up a date for that night. I was a little surprised, and not sure how husband would take it, he has been kind of on the sidelines when I play. I thought about what was going on all day, by the time I got home I was very horny.

When I walked through the door I kissed the kids hello and greeted my husband who gave me a huge passionate kiss. He then immediately escorted me up the stairs to our room. When we got there he turned and locked the door and instantly stripped his cloths off. The first thing I noticed was a "Tattoo" right above his cock. It was a Black Spade outline with Sex written above it and toy written inside of it. I smiled when I saw it.

My husband explained that my boy friend had ordered him to put it on for me and that it meant that as long as he wore it he was to serve my every sexual need. He continued to explain that he was ordered to lay out a few of my sexiest outfits for me to choose from. He also explained that he was to help me get cleaned up in any way I wanted or needed in preparation for my date.

Totally excited, I had him strip me naked for my shower. Once in the shower he soaped me up top to bottom and had me all nice and clean. Then I had him shave my legs and my pussy nice and fresh and smooth. In return I bent down and began giving him a blowjob. As he neared cumming, he begged me not to make him cum, that he was ordered to do anything but cum. I stopped short of him cumming and left him with a huge raging cock.

We got out and he dried me off. It felt so good having him prepping me for a date, I got to horny. I laid down on the bed and ordered him to stroke my clit. My nipples got rock hard instantly and in no time, I was cumming all over his fingers. I then ordered him out of the room, I told him he wasn't going to see what I wore underneath. He put on some shorts and a shirt and left. I put on my sexy corset and a pair of my sexy stockings, but nothing else. I knew my boy friend would not want me in panties.

When I was finally ready, I felt so hot and sexy as my husband drove me to the restaurant. Since the kids were at the house, my boy friend couldn't come by and pick me up, so husband dropped me at the restaurant.

When he arrived I was so excited to see him, he looked great. 6'4, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile. He gave me a kiss hello and sat down. We chatted and ate for some time before I finally asked him what he had in mind for the night. He smiled and paid the check. He helped me out to the car without saying a word. We went to a local park and went for a nice romantic walk around a lake.

Half way around we stopped on a dock and he took me in his arms and kissed me deep. I returned the kiss as he ran his hands over my body. He had my total control when he slipped his hands onto my but while he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I wanted him right then and their. I told him so and he smiled.

We got back into the car and headed towards the house now that it was dark. On the way we made a stop. It was at a local adult store. We went in and looked around a bit. I felt so slutty looking around with a man not my husband. I asked him what we were looking for and he smiled and said a toy for me to use on my husband after we were done with our fun. We looked a little while longer but I couldn't decide until he asked me what the naughtiest thing my husband had ever asked me to do was. I told him he once asked me to tease his bum. With that we chose an anal toy and made the purchase.

We finally returned home and my husband greeted us at the door. I was a little more than surprised when my husband said the bed was all ready for us. We had never done anything in our own bed, it was always at my boy friends house. My husband stood at the bottom of the stairs as we went up to our room.

We started with me stripping and laying on the bed face down. He began massaging and rubbing my feet and worked his way up my legs and butt, over my back and to my head. Then he spent time lighting rubbing my legs and feet. Taking great care on the inner thighs. He then rolled me over and did the same again. Only this time he took care on my rock hard nipples and tits. I was in heaven as he mounted my waist and I could feel his hard cock teasing my belly as he massaged my tits.

Before long, he worked his way down and knelt between my legs and massaged as his cock rubbed my lips and clit. I wanted him inside me and began asking him for it. He teased me until I began begging for his cock in my pussy. Finally he gently slid it in my dripping lips. He raised my legs high over my head as he worked his cock in deeper and deeper. My orgasm over took me in seconds as he worked his shaft in and out of my lips, stroking in and out up and down over my clit.

When I finished my next orgasm he began asking me what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to cum. He asked how I wanted it. I was conflicted, we were supposed to use a condom, but I wanted him deep and raw. He asked again and again, what I wanted, how did I want it. I finally moaned I wanted him naked and deep.

He smiled and looked at me. He said if I wanted his cum inside me it would cost. I looked at him as he explained that if he cum's inside me, when he leaves, I am to have my husband come and service my pussy and clit and make him suck me till I cum again, all while I used the new toy we bought on him. I told him I was not sure, then he thrust deep inside me and held it deep, then pulled it out to the tip, and then deep inside again. He then looked and asked what I wanted. I couldn't control it anymore, I wanted him to fill me and began begging him to cum inside me. All he said was, you going to make him clean you after I fill you up? I agreed and he gave one hard deep thrust and held it deep against my inner wall.

Suddenly he exploded inside me. From the first explosion I could feel hit filling every inch of my pussy till it over flowed. I was spent after this pounding. After he recovered, he got up and got dressed and gave me a deep kiss good night. He left the door open as he left. I could hear him tell my husband thanks and that he needed to go take care of my needs now.

My husband was in a bit of shock when he came to the door and saw me spread eagled on the bed, cum dripping out of my pussy and down my bum. He asked what I needed and I ordered the door closed and him to strip. Then I ordered him on his knees next to me and I began teasing his cock and bum with my fingers, then with oil. I then began massaging his bum with the toy and he groaned as I slid it gently inside. The best part was the look in his eyes when I turned it on and it began to massage his bum. As he began to gasp and moan I told him to come clean my pussy and suck my clit.

I was really turned on all night going out with my boy friend, but nothing had prepared me for how intense my orgasm would be. My entire body shook as he suck and lick my clit and pussy. When I recovered he was kneeling between my legs with his cock ready to go. I asked what he wanted and he said it was my decision, he was my toys. So I reached down and stroked it a few times to see how ready he was. He moaned and his eye rolled back I decided to keep going and a few minutes later he groaned and his cock started throbbing. Kneeling between my legs he covered my tits and belly and pussy with cum. I had never seen him cum so much.

He laid next to me catching his breath for a while when I asked him how he was doing. He said great, he loved every minute of it. I asked him what he liked the most and his answer surprised me. He said he loved my look of total sexual satisfaction as he made me cum and that he loved the ide of him being my sex toy, to be used as I needed.

I would have never in a million years expected this is where my desire to cheat on my husband would have lead us. I am sorry for the length, but there were so many details I wanted to share.

I would never have imagined this is where my desire to cheat on my husband would have lead us. I look forward to your opinions and any comments if you have had similar experiences. I also welcome any suggestions you may have for me in the use of my husband as a sex toy, minus any and all humiliation suggestions. We are not into that, we are equals in all this.