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My husband and I had talked about with threesomes with other men and women, but this one time it really happened. His best friend, Darnell, a handsome black guy, had separated from his wife and visited us frequently on weekends or Friday evenings for drinks.

After a while, when we knew Darnell was coming over, my husband would tell me to wear certain outfits that were provocative. I went along with it and I knew he liked it because of his friend's reaction. We got more provocative and Darnell went along with it. We had reached a point where he had seen me naked and I had seen him stroke his cock when my husband wasn't looking. We had also talked about our threesome encounters and to our surprise his friend told us that he and his ex had experimented as well. For several weekends there was much teasing, but no action. We all wanted it but nobody would actually make a move.

My husband and I talked about including Darnell and thought it would make for some great sex. One Friday evening he came over after work. There was something different this time and that was the possibility of having two men banging me. Somehow it excited my husband as much as it did me.

As always, we were having a drink and chatting playfully. I was wearing a revealing blouse and a tight, tight skirt and long boots. Darnell was upfront about how hot I had dressed and that he fantasizes about doing me. He then asked if we were interested in a threesome. I looked at my husband and he agreed to it. I guess the time had finally come. Darnell went to the restroom and my husband told me it was now or never. He put me on all four on the sofa and pulled my boobs out of my blouse. He pushed my skirt high enough for him to penetrate me and slide my panties to the side so he could slip his cock inside my wet pussy. We heard Darnell coming and my husband starting fucking me with nice deep thrusts and I moaned in pleasure as his friend walked into the living room. He commented on how hot we looked.

My husband asked him to join us and he started feeling my boobs and lead my hand to his huge bulge. All of us were in the heat of the moment. I loved that we where being watched. I knew, too, that soon it would be my husband watching me fuck his friend.

Darnell pulled his pants down. He was so incredibly hard and it appeared bigger than any cock I'd seen before. I took his huge black dick in my mouth and began sucking it as my husband continued to fuck me from behind. Darnell asked me to take it all in my mouth but I couldn't. It was so big! I was trying and my husband pushed my head towards him and for the first time in my life I felt a cock in my throat.

My husband appeared to be the one who was the more excited about me deep throating Darnell's big cock because he came inside me before Darnell spilled his big load all over my face. My husband pulled out and we all sat back, laughing. I went to clean Darnell's cum off my face.

When I came back, my husband said he wanted to watch me and Darnell. One glance at Darnell's hard cock told me that he was ready again. Wow, I thought. It didn't take him long to recharge! His beautiful black cock was straining and pointing straight up. He must be close to ten inches I thought. I squatted over top of him and slowly lowered myself onto his big cock until I could feel him penetrate me. He slid in deeply and I moaned in pleasure as my husband watched and stroked his cock. I could hear all the slick sounds of the cum my husband unloaded inside me. As Darnell fucked me I was dripping all my husband's cum all over his rock-hard cock.

When he was ready to cum he asked me where I wanted it and I told him to cum where ever he wanted to. and he released deep inside my pussy mixing his seed with that of my husband. My husband was so excited watching us fuck that he unloaded in my mouth. I couldnt take it all and the rest covered my face.

I told them that if they wanted to do any more we would have to move to the bedroom where I would be more comfortable. I didn't have to ask twice!
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