in your experience are black balls bigger?


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idk. Somewhere i read (in a scientific paper!) that unlike penis size the size of testicles doesn`t greatly vary among different men. It said that a size of about shortly above 1 1/2 inches (4 cm) in length was almost universal. Is this true? (Personally, i have never measured or compared with others, so i have truly no experience in this field. *LOL*)
Thanks for the input.
I know my balls seem to be small and they don't hang down at all. I doubt that's the case for all white guys tho.
My girl has said she liked it when her exes balls would smack her too.
mine are huge and I have seen over two hundred sets very close up. Balls can be exposed and hanging or up in a body and have little to do withthe amount of cum or sperm produced .fixed guys shoot blanks. For those women like my wife who love fucking black men their balls are perfect