"In the closet" cuckold

Happily married man - normal in every way apart from an obsessive Cuckold Interracial fantasy and intense foot fetish. Experience satisfying either of these fantasies hasn't happened yet. Can't decide whether it is a burden living with these unrealized fantasies and obsessions or a blessing to have something that can arouse such strong feelings...Really into amateur videos and pics of missionary style. Would love to hear about any real cuckold experiences or fantasies. My wife has a crush on Taye Diggs and seems to be very friendly to black men so I'm sure that she harbors some fantasies for a bbc. She's pretty conservative though and we have a very loving marriage so she she wouldn't act on it. How do you tell your wife who you adore and dote on that you would be so happy if she would let you watch her being taken missionary style by a well endowed black man and hear her moan in ecstasy ? Would like to hear from fellow "in the closet" cucks who have this secret fantasy and others who have come out to their wives and hear their reactions - good and bad.