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I'm new here, and new to black guys


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I've got a feeling a lot of guys will be interested. Judging from your avatar you have a gorgeous smile and are very pretty. You'll get more attention if you post some pics of at least your body so people can see what your working with. I come to your neck of the woods sometimes to party with friends. I'd love to make a new one to come see when I'm in the area ;)...and if you ever make it down to DC I could show you a good time...
I agree with the comments above. You do have a lovely smile and sexy body. Let me know how it goes. If you like it (bbc) I hope you will tell me how it is so I can pass it on to my wife. She is a little afraid to go black.
incidentally, deep in dallas you are not far from me. do you ever do asian wives?
To be honest I have never done any wife. Although I have been with Asian before. But I am new to this as well. I would love to here more about you too, what does she like ? I am educated, well mannered, clean and drug free. I would be willing to send pictures if you do the same. Look forward to hearing from you too. Oh by the way I'm straight.
me too. yes, let us get acquainted and exchange pics. how do we do that. am i allowed to give you my email here? i am new and do not know the procedure. this will be a first for us. my wife is not only a bbc virgin but has not done any other man since we have been married. how many asians have you been with if you do not mind my asking and what nationality were they? how did you like them vs white black and latin?
Bern5142@mac.com send pics here and I will return some for you. I have been with koren, japanese, and Chinese - also Brazilian koren. I work in the fashion industry so I have traveled quite a bit. Look forward to seeing your pics and sending mine.