I'm Afraid...She's Afraid...We're Afraid!


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Truth be told, a lot of couples, hubbies, and wives. Have written to me in the past, and opened up to me about wanting me to come seduce their wives, or to come talk to their spouse and try convincing him/her about indulging in this lifestyle. Others have written to me back and forth to the point where I just about got fed up with them bombarding me with 21 Questions about how I trained past couples, and stuff I did with them.

I get it that a lot of these people are curious ad want to know more, at the same time, they too want to be of service to a Black Master...but still, it's hard to separate those who're serious from those who're wasting my time. Some, I know, boils down to fear.

What I'd like to know from any of you here that falls under this category is what sort of fear(s) or doubt(s) is/are still holding you back from achieving this?