I'm a perv.

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    Here goes nothing. The first black dick i saw was when I was in highschool and came home early from school. I heard my mom having sex up stairs and spied on her through the door. I just stared in shock and froze at the sight of that black ass going up and down. Once in awhile seeing that hug thing going in to my mom when he razed up enuff. My mom sounded like some one was killing her. I got so horny, I rumbed my self off to it under my skirt. For awhile after that I tried to cautch her doing it agian, but I never got the chance.
    It was not untill college that I tried my first one my self not on purpose though, boy was that crazy. It was almost like rape he was so force full at the party while we grinded and he bent me over the soffa, but it was so hot I couldn’t fight it. He just pounded me from behind with my skirt hicked up. I now know why my mom was screaming. But it was not the same as when I was young.
    Ever since then I found that I get off more from watching another girl get it for the first time, then doing it my self. Interracial porn is my major out let for this. But since
    I’m in my last year now at college and have gotten a few chances to trick a few sophmores at a parties into it while i watch and materbate like an animal. The sounds they make drive me nuts.

    White guys are better looking and I’m looking for the right one and plan on marring one. Because I want my daughters to look like me so they get a chance to enjoy it when there in college if they want.
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    Jenna, thanks for the story and I hope it was all true. As a middled aged married small dicked white guy, I thinks you should try to get as much big black cock as you can before you settle down. There is always time for you to find a white geeky /safe hubby when you are around 30 and start that new boring normal life, then 15years later when you get bored doing the married thing you can always looks back and remeber those huge black cocks and cheer yourself up. any chance you would like to post some pics of both you and your mom?
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    jenna lets talk and maybe u can watch me break in some unuspecting white girls for our pleasure

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    Watching other person fucking is great turn even if the person belongs to your family.. My son watched my wife that is his mom when someone other than me was banging her.. He was terribly aroused which is understandable but he developed incestuous feeling for his mom and that really backfired
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    Well I would say do with what makes you happy be ok with that decision .