i'm a 58 year old white bi-sexual male. divorced, but currently have a lady friend.

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Do other white guys like to suck the black cocks that service their women like i do?

  1. yes they do like to suck black cock like i do

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  2. they like to help put that black cock into their woman's cunt

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  1. Trackdog

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    My Ex-wife and i practiced an IR lifestyle. We were married for 23 years and she had black lovers before we married. Before we wed i knew that she would continue to have sex with others, white, black and women. One of our favorite things was for me to suck the cock of the man who would fuck her. I love sucking cock and have sucked many black cocks before and after they were in my wife's cunt. I miss sucking both white and black cocks and have been trying to convince my lady to have sex with other men so that i can watch her getting fucked, suck her lover's cock, and clean out her sperm filled cunt with my tongue.