If you are not black, the you must use a condom!

When I was younger and I started to have sex with girls, they usually asked me to use a condom. It was ok, because it is a good way to prevent sexual illness and prevent a possible pregnancy too.
When I had finished my condoms, they said me that we may have sex but I must to cum out from their pussies. I used to do it but it was hard for me, because in the best of the sex, when I felt I was near to cum, I must put my penis out from the pussy.
But with black men it doen't happen. I've watched a lot of amateur homemade interracial videos, where black men either cum inside pussies or cum right over women face.
Apart from women allow black men cum inside their pussies, they look happy when they're filled by black sperm. Even when black men cum over women face, almost all women wait with anxiety to be washed.
Other videos show us how women give black men blow-jobs until they cum inside women's mouths. Some of them spit the sperm but others swallow the cum without problems...it's seem they like it!
Several people could say "they are only videos or movies" but some of those videos are made for real interracial couples having sex in their homes.
What do you think about this?