Idea for Raleigh/Cary area

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    Just an idea.. if posting in local Raleigh/Cary NC alternative paper..would- single, separted, divorced, or married white women respond to the following for straight men of color:
    The Brotherood of Brethen and Concubines "community" would like to develop an interest
    group pursuing adult areas historically considered taboo (not incest or children)..but the area
    of sampling and tasting exotic flavors and providing erotic adventures typically encountered in
    environments friendly to liberal sexual ideas. If interested, contact, more
    detailed info and website will be provided to see if this will work for you.

    Folks give some feedback..a lot of very Fine Ass white ladies and PHAWG (smile) are in the area
    and difficult to contact..this is not for the Craiglist crowd..demographic group and hopefully appearance
    group is higher level.

    Let me kknow what you think..OSP25