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I Want To Dominate You


Real Person
I'm looking for a woman who wants to be dominated by a strong man. I want you to dress in something not too important to you so I can tear it right off of your body. I want to lift you into the air and throw you onto the bed before I tease you with my tongue. I want to put you on your knees and dominate your mouth with my hard cock. I want to pull your hair and whisper dirty things in your ear as I fuck you from behind. I want to bite into your neck and tease your earlobe while I fuck you and feel your nails digging into my back. I want to press your back against the wall, your legs wrapped around my waist and look into your eyes as I pump furiously into you. I want your husband or boyfriend to watch in the background as the woman he loves gets filled with the cock of another man. I want to hear you scream in ecstasy.
Damn, I want what you have to offer sooo bad but, sadly you are far to young for me. Do you know anybody twice your age that is as freaky and erotic as you?