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I have been in a fight recently with my wife's sister and her husb because they almost pushed my marrige to the edge of a grave. Since that i totaly put them away form life and they are just strangers for me.
Now the case is that he is an asshole and she becomes a mean bitch. He is the first dick for her (virgin in all respects) and she never had another guy. He cheats big time on her and she doesnt want to belief it, she pretends to be his Glory Trophy for the rest of her life so i think she is the best candidate for this lifestyle. One thing that makes so pissed is that he keeps himself like the Conqueror of the World and his life is the most perfect one. But i know for sure that once she is introduced to others Cocks not to mentioned some BBC she will show him the place he truly deserves.
I dont talk to them at all and i dont want to but i need some ideas in a long run how can this become reality. I need help mostly from people which are very able with internet so she gets bombed with the idea of trying new cock and mostly the BBC idea. So basicly i need ideas to DRILL into her brain that she needs badly to have new guys in her life.
That will make me very happy.
She sort of sexy , it shouldnt be too hard to do , but i dont know about revenge, seems to me like restitution!
Yes she is very sexy indeed. May be you right about the term view. But in any case the subject is that i cant indroduce her into this world wich i hope will grow HEALTHY in brain. So the most special task is to get her to visit the Hotwife and slowly drop the openly get fucked without giving a damn about that Asshole permition.